Hooley Dooley
Hooley Dooley
Hooley Dooley
Hooley Dooley

Product: Hooley Dooley

Category: Innovations

Innovator: Clyve Thomas

Hooley Dooley is the only flat pack refrigeration AND Bain Marie system in the world. It is simple to assemble, dismantle and store. The flat pack nature of the unit means that transport is also simple and space efficient.

Unique Benefits:

  • Simplicity - easy to assemble and store
  • Multi purpose - alters from cooling to heating in 2-3 minutes
  • Meets health regulations - mist guard protection from human mist and dust
  • Standard refrigeration parts - easily manufacture and simple parts replacement

Status of Innovation:
Hooley Dooley has been manufactured and field tested. It is designed to run from either power connection or a generator making it ideal for outdoor use, particularly in isolated settings.