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Product: My Postie®

Category: ICT

Innovator: Hugh Trumble

Company: My Postie Pty Ltd

My Postie is a Touch Screen Kiosk which combines a software application and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which allows people in seniors communities to access email and internet functions without the need to own a computer or have specialised knowledge or skills.

Unique Benefits:

  • Simplicity - complex functions for non-computer users
  • Built in Functions - easy access to a large seniors market by advertisers
  • Service - provides a user service which doesn?t currently exist
  • Drives use of Broadband and Internet Services

Status of Innovation:
My Postie has completed three stages of pilots with the 'commercialisation' pilot being successfully run at Australia?s largest Retirement Community in Rosebud, Victoria. My Postie is seeking appropriate partners to contribute resources towards meeting the significant, identified demand.