Product: MMCall™

Category: Technology

Innovator: Perry Arber

Company: MMCall Pty Ltd

MMCall is a communication system specifically designed to improve customer service. In a restaurant situation, MMCall allows diners to page waiters by simply pressing a wireless button on each table. An LED screen or wristwatch identifies to the waiter which table requires service. This alleviates the frustration and aggravation of diners previously unable to catch the attention of waiters, improves staff efficiency while creating a more enjoyable dining experience.

Unique Benefits:

  • Prevents waiters over-servicing / harassing diners
  • Accurately manage staffing levels
  • Stops diners yelling or clicking fingers
  • Diners can page a waiter without interrupting their meal
  • Acrylic stand allows advertising
  • Low cost, no wiring, easy installation and simple use

Status of Innovation:
The product was launched at the Fine Food and Hospitality Expo in Darling Harbour, Sydney where it was runner up - Best New Product award. Stock is now available and a number of restaurants are trialling it.