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Natural Event

Product: Natural Event

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Simon Ellis & Hamish Skermer

Company:  Natural Event Pty Ltd

Natural Event is a modular, flat packing, fully transportable, mobile or permanently built dwelling that facilitates people depositing human waste directly into a composting chamber. The system uses composting and vermiculture to treat and manage the organic material produced.

Unique Benefits:

  • Odourless
  • Easily Transportable ? modular and flat packing
  • Easy to Manage ? no blockages, no pumping
  • No Limit ?can handle any number of patrons
  • No Waste ? no waste pumped out to sea, no water, creates fertilizer

Status of Innovation: Natural Event is in use in Australia. Marketing and sales are the current priority for Natural Event Pty Ltd and they have a 6 year contract with a major festival running in two states.