Rumba Mobile Mail®
Rumba Mobile Mail®
Rumba Mobile Mail®
Rumba Mobile Mail®
Rumba Mobile Mail®
Rumba Mobile Mail®

Product: Rumba Mobile Mail®

Category: Technology

Innovator: Peter Nolle, Simon Asher and Markus Nolle

Company: Rumba Communications

Rumba Mobile Mail® is anytime, anywhere email via mobile phone. It is the only Australian-based service that sends emails to mobiles using SMS at a price that is widely affordable, works on all mobiles and is plan-free. Rumba users can send, receive, forward and filter emails on their existing mobile handset. Uniquely, users can also control their preferences at will via the Rumba website.

Unique Benefits:

  • Works on any mobile phone
  • No software to download
  • Secure email and data - 128 bit encryption
  • No spam
  • International roaming
  • Immediate delivery of email (push email)
  • Notification of attachments
  • Filter emails using accept and reject lists
  • Customisable user groups

Status of Innovation:
Rumba Mobile Mail® was officially launched in February 2008. Rumba is functional across a wide range of email programs, currently enables users to manage their mobile email settings online, and has forged some international footholds. Discussions with a number of ISP, web hosting companies and mobile phone resellers are well underway.