Phase Changer
Phase Changer

Product:  Phase Changer

Category: Industrial

Innovator: Mark Bridgman and Ian Jackson

Company: Phase Changer Pty Ltd

Phase Changer is a portable system that converts 240V or 480V single phase power to produce quality 415V 3-phase power. It allows farms and small businesses to operate a wide range of machinery that they could not otherwise use. It employs unique microprocessor based electronics to manage the operation of the equipment and balance the voltages within close tolerances.

Unique Benefits:

  • Significant cost savings compared to buying and running a diesel generator (estimated savings of $100,000 over 5 years)
  • The size and portability of the unit allows small businesses to take 3-phase power with them
  • Saves rural properties thousand of dollars over the cost of having a power company 3-phase connection (if available at all)
  • It works well on hard-to-start loads such as compressors and pumps
  • Different size converters can provide from 2.2 to 35kw of power
  • An LED display shows the load being applied to the converter
  • It allows small businesses to carry out work that they could not otherwise do


Status of Innovation:
In the past 12 months several hundred systems have been sold around Australia to farms, small businesses and home workshops. Phase Changer now has a staff of seven people operating the business from the rural town of Longwarry in West Gippsland.