In Situ Laser Surfacing
In Situ Laser Surfacing
In Situ Laser Surfacing
In Situ Laser Surfacing

Product: In Situ Laser Surfacing

Category: Industrial

Innovator: Team at Hardwear Pty Ltd (VIC)

Company: Hardwear Pty Ltd

The combined development and use of advanced laser, laser torch and robotic technology to surface (or resurface) large, worn metallic components in situ without the need for expensive off-site repair, replacement and equipment downtime. Initial application of the technology has been to power station turbine blades.

Unique Benefits:
Hardwear's technology combines new laser and robotic technology to:

  • Repair large engineering components in situ, removing the need for disassembly and remote repair, achieved through the use of a high efficiency, transportable, diode laser
  • Overcome tolerance and access restrictions, achieved through robotic manipulation of a purpose-developed, IP-protected laser torch
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and costs (by around 40% in the case of turbine blades in the power industry where downtime is valued at $250,000 per day)

Status of Innovation:
The invention has been successfully applied, as a demonstration and trial, to low pressure steam turbine blades in the power industry. These laser-repaired blades have been in service for up to two and a half years and Hardwear is now in the final stages of negotiating its first commercial contract.