Hull's Self-Centering Punch
Hull's Self Centering Punch
Hull's Self Centering Punch
Hull's Self Centering Punch
Hull's Self Centering Punch
Hull's Self Centering Punch

Product:  Hull's Precision Self-Centering Punch

Category: Industrial

Innovator: Barry Hull (WA)

Company: Cityfire Holdings Pty Ltd

This invention is a simple, double-ended, 100% accurate way of transferring the centre mark of a hole onto steel, concrete, wood, aluminium or plastic. The punch takes the guesswork out of estimating or measuring to find the centre and can be used on holes from 5 to 25mm.

Unique Benefits:

  • 100% accurate, saving time, money and increasing efficiency
  • The cone-shaped ends are tapered to different degrees, enabling one punch to cater for a variety of hole sizes
  • Suitable for use on a variety of materials including steel, fibreglass, wood, masonry, plastic
  • For use in engineering, construction and trades through to the home handyman
  • Eliminates the need for dye grinding, drilling oversized holes and oxy cutting

Status of Innovation: The finished product is in stock and ready to enter the market. A jumbo sized punch for holes 25 to 36mm is soon to be available.
The punches have had one public display for trade and retail in January 2007 where 32 units were sold. Customers ranged from heavy engineering to home handy men and included the Australian Army for use in their workshops and at the Army's apprentice training school in Victoria, Australia. Interest has been shown from three retail chains.