The Next Big Thing Award™ 2007 La Salle Matrix Thinking Award

Product:  CLincHA

Category: Industrial

Innovator: Peter Hitchin (QLD)

Company: ES-CAR-GO

The CLincHA is a device to tie concrete reinforcement bars together while the operator remains in a standing position. Firing from a 200 unit magazine, the staple tie straddles the top bar and is then wrapped around the lower bar securing the joint. Each tie cycle only takes half a second to complete.

Unique Benefits:
The CLincHA removes the requirement of a steel fixer to:

  • Operate in 'touch your toes' position
  • Continually rotate the wrists and swivel hips to tie wire
  • Clean the slab area of pieces of cut of wire prior to pouring concrete
The CLincHA:
  • Saves time and money due to faster tying
  • Reduces occupational health and safety injuries
  • Reduces the skilled labour component on jobsites

Status of Innovation:
The working prototype has been thoroughly tested and is ready for manufacture. Patent applications have been granted in Australia, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Mexico.