Gravity Candles
Gravity Candles
Gravity Candles
Gravity Candles
Gravity Candles
Gravity Candles

Product: Gravity Candles

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Peter van Bruinessen (NSW)

Company: Fordena Pty Ltd

The gravity candle is a non -drip, refillable candle that always looks new. The flame remains visible at the top. There are two versions: the Gravity Candle and the Anti-Gravity Candle. Both versions consist of an inner candle (refill) with an outer wax shell. The outer candle always retains the original shape and a new refill can be inserted when required.

Unique Benefits:

  • A genuine non-drip candle
  • Environmentally friendly - produces hardly any waste
  • Reusable candle shells
  • Safe burning and extinguishing
  • Candle always looks new
  • Economic/cost effective candle burning
  • Can be used free standing or on existing candle stands
  • Only the candle shells are coloured, giving greater transparency and glow
  • Decorative candle shells are not flammable
  • Great for corporate or personal gifts

Status of Innovation:
The candle innovation itself has been technically completed. Samples have been tested. First orders have been received from within the hospitality industry. Marketing/selling the Gravity Candle is the next priority.