Sens M1 and Sens P1
Sens M1 and Sens P1
Sens M1 and Sens P1;
Sens M1 and Sens P1
Sens M1 and Sens P1
Sens M1 and Sens P1

Product:  Sens M1 and Sens P1

Category: Health & Safety

Innovator: Greg Beale (VIC)

Company: Sensear Pty Ltd

Sensear's technology enables people to wear hearing protection and clearly hear face to face speech communication in a diverse range of high noise environments (above 85 decibels). Packaged in an ear muff (Sens M1) and ear plug (Sens P1) format, it ensures people no longer need to remove their hearing protection to communicate with a colleague or speak on a mobile phone. Removing hearing protection is directly linked to noise induced hearing loss, the world's most common and costly occupational illness.

Unique Benefits:

  • Enables people to wear hearing protection and communicate clearly face to face
  • Only technology effective in enabling speech communication in environments above 85 decibels
  • Blue tooth integration enables wearers to make / take mobile phone calls without removing hearing protection. Background noise is automatically reduced so that the caller hears the wearer's speech clearly
  • The wearer is able to tell which direction the source noise is coming from. Extremely valuable when the noise is an alarm
  • The product will be released in an ear muff and ear plug format, the latter resembling an iPod Nano, which will appeal to people working in noisy entertainment/hospitality venues.

Status of Innovation:
The Sens M1 and Sens P1 are in the final design stage and will be available in July/August 2007. Sensear is currently in negotiations with a number of distributors. The product is available through Sensear's website.