Product: Hankers - Automatic Hot Food Service Machine

Category: Innnovations

Innovator: Gerry Gerlach & Stuart Brown (NSW)

Company: IPV Pty Ltd

Hankers is a complete, automatic food service system with patented cooker and food delivery mechanism. It stores 200 light meals frozen and cooks to 65'C in 60 seconds. It has an ATM style operation, provides 24/7 web based monitoring of stock, sales and service.

Unique Benefits:

  • 24/7 hot food service
  • No wage costs, no food spoilage, no wastage and no stock inventory hassles
  • Total system support - hardware and software
  • Compliance with NSW Liquor Act 1982 light meal provision with serving of alcohol

Status of Innovation:
Commercial ready. The company currently has 40 working machines out at sites