Pipesafe Plug System
Pipesafe Plug System
Pipesafe Plug System
Pipesafe Plug System

Product: Pipesafe Plug System

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Mark Stephenson

Company: Pipesafe Pty Ltd (NSW)

Pipesafe is a new three-part plug system which sits inside exposed drain pipes on construction sites. It comprises a filter, a tamper-proof lid and an interlocking plug that blocks anything from entering the pipes, and prevents the trip and fall hazard of protruding pipes on building sites.

Unique Benefits:
Pipesafe?s interlocking plug protects pipes after they have been cut flush with the slab. It offers many benefits including:

  • Occupational health and safety benefits
  • Protection for tradespeople from contracting diseases from needles etc. in the pipes
  • Provides a form ?insurance? against expensive blockages

Stage of Innovation:
Pipesafe is currently on the market. Interest has been received from large builders concerned with occupational health and safety issues, environmental issues and pipe blockages on building sites.

Website: www.pipesafe.com.au