Australian E.A.R.S
Australian E.A.R.S
Australian E.A.R.S

Product: Australian E.A.R.S

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Chris Bosua

Company: Australian E.A.R.S (Vic)

Australian E.A.R.S is a way of turning the wasted exhaust air from air tools into usable energy. It uses a separate line from the air tool to redirect the exhausted air back into the compressor via the E.A.R.S manifold. When the manifold is adapted to the compressor it improves the performance by up to 80% and has significant safety and environmental advantages.

Unique Benefits:
When connected to a compressor:

  • Improves output rating
  • Improves compressor efficiency by up to 80%
  • Reduces power consumption by up to 43%
  • Reduces noise level to under 59 DB
  • Reduces running temperature
  • Reduces contaminated air
  • Reduces contaminated water

Stage of Innovation:
The company is manufacturing and marketing this product in Australia and selling through their specialist dealer network.