Robotic Golf Caddy wins People's Choice
Robotic Golf Caddy wins People’s Choice
13 June 2008
People's Choice Award winner Hubert Novak (Your Shadow Technologies Pty Ltd) demonstrates the Shadow Caddy at the Melbourne Museum

Shadow Caddy, a robotic golf caddy, has won INNOVIC's Next Big Thing Award™ 2008 - People's Choice Award.

Joss Evans, CEO of INNOVIC, said Shadow Caddy could make the carrying of golf bags and clubs a thing of the past.

"All 21 finalists were impressive but Shadow Caddy has won the popular vote with people voting by SMS, online and voting in person at the Melbourne Museum.

Known as Shadow Caddy – the innovation has been developed by Victorian inventor, Hubert Novak, who came up with the idea when playing golf, and has worked with a team of specialists to perfect the technology.

The Shadow Caddy follows the golfer around using radio frequency and computer processors. It can climb steep hills, cover rough terrain and has a detection system that enables it to avoid collisions.

"I was getting tired and sore from playing golf. I realised that most people just wanted to play without the wear and tear on shoulders and arms from carrying clubs", Mr Novak said.

"Paying a caddy to carry the clubs is a luxury many players can't afford, so a robotic caddy is a great alternative. It can't help you choose the right club - but we’re working on it!" he said.

Ms Joss Evans, CEO of INNOVIC, the not-for-profit organisation that runs the Award said the Shadow Caddy offered significant health benefits.

"Many people play golf for exercise, but knee, hip, shoulder and back problems can be exacerbated by pulling a golf buggy or by carrying clubs. Now people can play golf without doing more harm than good. The Shadow Caddy follows them around and can even carry their drinks," Ms Evans said.