Smell Alive™ Gas Alarm
Smell Alive Gas Alarm
Smell Alive Gas Alarm
Smell Alive Gas Alarm
Smell Alive Gas Alarm
Product:  Smell Alive™ Gas Alarm

Category: Health & Safety

Innovator: Kevin Barber (VIC)

Company: Play Safe Gas Safe Pty Ltd

The Smell Alive™ gas alarm detects the presence of unignited gas. The device consists of a calibrated sensor for either natural gas or LPG, which triggers an alarm well before the lower explosion limit is reached. Unignited gas can result in asphyxiation, burns and property damage. The alarms can be used in both residential and industrial applications.

Unique Benefits:

  • Monitors gas levels
  • Alerts by alarm the presence of unignited gas
  • Reduces potential damage and / or loss of life
  • Easy to install - plugs into a standard electrical socket
  • Cost effective
  • 1 year warranty
  • Australian owned and made
  • Australian standards have been developed to meet Australian conditions
  • High quality product that exceeds safety standards

Status of Innovation:
Rigorous laboratory testing has been completed. Production has commenced with the product available from the manufacturer. There are plans for future expansion and development of the innovation to meet a wide range of areas where safety devices are adaptable.