Product:  Termibot

Category: Health & Safety

Innovator: David Rice

Company: TermiCam Pty Ltd

TermiBot is a remote controlled robot that carries a thermal imaging camera and pesticide for the detection and targeted elimination of termites and other pests. Being less than 20cms high and designed for confined spaces, the robot can get to places that a trades person cannot. Occupational health and safety regulations require a minium clearance of 40cm for humans. The robot can also be used for search and rescue missions, as well as other trades such as plumbing, electrical etc.

Unique Benefits:

  • Designed to carry a thermal camera
  • Compact size - about the size of three stacked reams of paper
  • Thermal camera can see over a distance of 1km
  • The robot has a lifting span of 15cms
  • Two LCD digital screens
  • Built in LCD lights
  • Travels over 50 meters
  • Has a probe on the front to break open termite nests
  • Injects chemicals directly into termite effected areas, reducing the amount of chemical used
  • Records the images on flash card
  • Instant visual imaging


Status of Innovation:
The prototype is still undergoing testing; however it should be on the market by the end of 2007.