Portable Retinal Camera

Product:  Portable Retinal Camera

Category: Medical

Innovator: Greg Koennecke, Ian Tait, Dirk Bertels & Chris Weimann (TAS)

Company: Vision Instruments Pty Ltd

The portable retinal camera captures digital images of the eye retina for retinopathy screening programs in public health and developing countries. It is non-mydriatic (ie does not require pharmacological pupil dilation), is portable, and sealed against adverse environments. It features an intuitive alignment system and an auto focus capability to facilitate ease of use, allowing for minimal training by paramedic staff.

Unique Benefits:

  • Intuitive user interface - concurrent view of the eye, pupil and retina and marks to facilitate easy alignment
  • Folds to airline carry-on luggage size limits
  • Low power consumption - may be powered from a 12V battery
  • Automatic focusing system
  • Rugged and sealed for use in adverse environments
  • Portable for remote areas or in the developing world
  • Suitable for movement between clinics and public areas, such as shopping centres, for screening in western countries
  • Optional transport case converts to variable height table

Status of Innovation:
A definitive pre-production prototype is expected in August 2007, following preliminary clinical trials and testing by the Centre for Eye Research Australia. The final product is scheduled for release by the end of 2007.