Product:  V-Focus

Category: Medical

Innovator: David Kaye (VIC)

Company: V-Kardia Pty Ltd

The V-Focus circuit and catheter system provides safe, efficient, targeted delivery of therapeutics to the beating heart of a conscious patient with minimal loss of the agent to the remainder of the body. It is especially applicable to the emerging areas of gene and stem cell therapy where the development of new therapeutic agents has lacked a safe and efficient delivery system.

Unique Benefits:

  • World first system that takes new treatment options for cardiac gene and stem cell therapy from the science laboratory to the patient
  • Non surgical, minimally invasive approach which does not require general anaesthesia
  • Prevents loss of agent and potential contamination of the remainder of the body
  • Greatly increases cardiac uptake of therapeutic agent so much less is required

Status of Innovation:

  • Final pre-clinical prototype
  • Shown to be safe in normal and diseased hearts in numerous animal studies
  • Pre-clinical prototype has been on sale for 12 months
  • 50 units have been sold to US research laboratories for pre-clinical gene studies including the Harvard Medical School
  • Will be sold to gene therapy companies for sale with their product. First agreement has been signed with Celladon Inc which holds several gene patents for cardiovascular application