YabbiJab I.V.™
YabbiJab I.V.™
YabbiJab I.V.™
YabbiJab I.V.™
YabbiJab I.V.™
YabbiJab I.V.™

Product: YabbiJab I.V.™

Category: Medical

Innovator: Tim Silk, Jag Heer and James Pike (VIC)

Company: YabbiPharm

YabbiJab I.V. is a training device that uses various materials to replicate the densities and thickness of human tissue. It incorporates mock blood vessels to simulate the administering of all major injection types.

Unique Benefits:

  • Accurate synthetic model - simulates all four human tissue layers. The design closely reflects the real-life process of taking injections
  • Mobile - enables students to practice in the environment of their choice and to position it on another person’s arm to simulate the real-life process
  • Inexpensive - less than AUD$100.00. Its American competitor costs US$441.00
  • Total training package - includes instructional DVD, and a range of items associated with the IV technique, such as needles, syringes and alcohol swabs
  • Full simulation - it is the only training device combining a variety of venous and bulk tissue techniques
  • Reduced anxiety for students and patients attempting the procedure for the first time

Status of Innovation:
Sale of the YabbiJab I.V. commenced in June 2006. To date over 300 units have been sold including sales to one of the world’s largest medical device suppliers. A number of different sales channels are currently being pursued.