Cylo® 3style™ Mouse
Cylo® 3Style™ Mouse;
Cylo® 3Style™ Mouse;
Cylo® 3Style™ Mouse;
Cylo® 3Style™ Mouse;

Product:  Cylo® 3Style™ Mouse

Category: ICT

Innovator: Laurence Crew (NSW)

Company: Cylo Technology Pty Ltd

Cylo Technology's 3style mouse is a new style wireless mouse. The puck-shaped mouse rotates on a flat plane in addition to normal mouse operation. The mouse is suited for a range of applications including video and audio via a 'jog wheel' action. It provides smooth, fast, continuous scrolling and is fully compatible with current systems and applications.

Unique Benefits:

  • Unique rotating mouse
  • 'Orientation Free' operation - the mouse can be used whilst rotated to any angle
  • Push and Squeeze button operation
  • Ball bearing base and solid state sensing technology
  • Ultra smooth, fast, continuous scrolling by spinning the mouse
  • Professional style 'jog wheel' control of video, audio and animation
  • True 3D control for design, CAD, and gaming


Status of Innovation:
The mouse is in pre-production prototype stage and was demonstrated at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in January 2007. There was considerable interest from customers, resellers, software vendors and potential commercialisation partners. The underlying technology of the mouse is protected by a granted US patent and a range of current and future product features are protected by a PCT patent application.