Tube Terminator®
Tube Terminator®
Tube Terminator®
Tube Terminator®
Tube Terminator®

Product: Tube Terminator®

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Karl Lapinskas

Company: CMA Eco Cycle

The Tube Terminator® is a portable machine that safely captures the mercury vapour contained within compact and tube fluorescents and high intensity discharge lamps. The mercury from just one fluorescent tube is enough to make a petrol tanker worth of water undrinkable. It also significantly reduces bulk and separates material ready for recycling. It is the first step in short circuiting the highly dangerous current practice of disposing of these lamps into landfill.

Unique Benefits:

  • Reduces the volume of lighting waste by 80%, lowering transport costs and reducing carbon footprint by around 70%
  • Quiet, 62 dB operating volume
  • Computer controlled:
    • Safe: 12 safety interlocks
    • Interactive screen displaying operational status
    • Collection bag monitoring ensures bag weight is not exceeded

Status of Innovation:
Established a partnership with CMA Corp, who has acquired the intellectual property. The Tube Terminator® is now commercialised. The first production units have been completed. Back orders are being fulfilled. The 100th unit is scheduled for completion June 2008.