Product: SimPAD™

Category: Medical

Innovator: Fred Bergman Healthcare Pty Ltd

Company: Fred Bergman Healthcare Pty Ltd

SimPAD™ comprises an adult continence pad with an embedded sensor attached to a client monitor. The sensor transmits wetness readings over a wireless network to a computer software program that decides when to alert the nurse / carer to attend to the person. It also records information used by Continence Nurse Advisors to help prepare personalised care plans.

Unique Benefits:

  • Overcomes current labour-intensive assessments by providing an automated means of detecting incontinence patterns
  • Helps nurses to generate more accurate and efficient care plans
  • Saves significant amounts of carer and nursing time during the assessment
  • Minimises intrusive interventions
  • Allows for accurate bladder charts to be recorded 'in-the-home'
  • Saves admission to nursing homes

Status of Innovation:
A clinical trial has been completed and reported. Field trials and product refinement will continue during 2008. The first product will be for sale late 2008. The company is seeking international manufacturing and licensing arrangements.