Qlicksmart Snapit™

Product: Qlicksmart Snapit™

Category: Medical

Innovator: Glen Riverstone

Company: Qlicksmart Pty Ltd

The Snapit is a small re-useable device that is used to snap the lid off glass ampoules cleanly and effortless without the risk of cuts. The Snapit holds the lid until it can be safely ejected into a sharps bin. The Snapit is easily cleaned and opens a range of ampoule sizes. Ampoules are recorded in some studies as the leading cause of sharps injuries.

Unique Benefits:

  • One Snapit fits a range of glass ampoule sizes
  • Re-usable
  • Sharply edged lid is safely enclosing after it is has been snapped off
  • The internal plunger ejects the lid into a sharps bin without being handled
  • Reduces the risk of injury when opening glass ampoules
  • Two sizes - pocket sized and trolley edition for procedure trolleys

Status of Innovation:
Snapit is available world wide both via distributors and/or online. Opportunity for use as a branded promotional product

Website: www.snapit.com.au