Shadow Caddy
Shadow Caddy
Shadow Caddy
Shadow Caddy
Shadow Caddy
Shadow Caddy

Product: Shadow Caddy

Category: Sport

Innovator: Hubert Novak

Company: Your Shadow Technologies Pty Ltd

The Shadow Caddy is a hands free golf caddy that follows players around the golf course carrying their golf clubs, drinks etc. It allows people who have health issues such as back, knee, shoulder or hip problems to enjoy their golf without the struggle to pull a buggy or carry clubs on their shoulder. The Shadow Caddy lets players just play.

Unique Benefits:

  • Tracking is done in real time without using GPS
  • Has the equivalent of three PC's computing power on board
  • Incorporates a collision detection system
  • Capable of climbing hills that a normal person would have problems climbing

Status of Innovation:
The Shadow Caddy is currently ready for market. Public trials are being conducted at four Melbourne golf courses.


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