3D Hybrid Face Recognition
3D Hybrid Face Recognition
3D Hybrid Face Recognition

3D Hybrid Face Recognition

Product: 3D Hybrid Face Recognition

Category: Technology

Innovator: Ajmal S. Mian, Mohammed Bennamoun and Robyn Owens

Company: The University of Western Australia

3D Hybrid Face Recognition uses the texture and 3D shape of the face to recognise people. It is very accurate even in the presence of pose, expression and illumination variations. It can also recognise a face which is not fully visible. It can be used for security, surveillance, access control, passport control, criminal identification and forensics.

Unique Benefits:

  • Recognises previously registered peoples’ faces with high accuracy
  • Utilises robust algorithms to make recognitions
  • Accurate even if the face is masked, they are wearing sun glasses or a beard
  • It cannot be fooled by makeup
  • Two step process - unlike faces are rejected before a final stage of matching

Status of Innovation:
Conducting demonstrations with a database of about 500 people to which new 3D facial scans can be added. The person can be recognised at a later stage even if they make exaggerated expressions, wear glasses or hide part of their face.

Website: www.csse.uwa.edu.au/~ajmal/