Road Transformer

Product: Road Transformer®

Category: Industrial

Innovator: Roger Chapman

Company: S&R Chapman trading as Road Transformer

The Road Transformer® is a device which is towed behind any 4 x 4 vehicle or tractor to groom unsealed roads. It is made from recycled materials; used railway line and truck tyres. Due to infrequent grading, unsealed roads can degrade to a dangerous level, contributing to accidents and accelerated vehicle damage. The Road Transformer® is an ideal solution to maintain a smooth surface in between grades when used on a semi-regular basis.

Unique Benefits:

  • One directional road grooming
  • Reduced need for road grading
  • Attacks key erosion elements
  • Unique 'W' formation
  • Cost effective

Status of Innovation:
In production, with first sales having just been delivered.


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