Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test

Product: Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test™

Category: Medical

Innovator: Fermiscan Holdings Limited

Company: Fermiscan Holdings Limited

Fermiscan's technology is based on the discovery by Australian scientists that women who have breast cancer have an associated change in the molecular structure of their hair. The Test uses synchrotron-generated X-ray diffraction to identify the alteration of the molecular structure of hair which is associated with the presence of breast cancer. This altered molecular structure gives rise to an altered alpha-keratin diffraction pattern. Pre-clinical studies by the original scientist indicated that the change may be detected early in tumor development. Fermiscan scientists subsequently confirmed the underlying discovery.

Unique Benefits:

  • Painless, safe and effective testing
  • Non-invasive and hair samples collected by your doctor
  • Around 80% accuracy
  • Suitable for all women 20-69 years of age
  • Not effected by breast density

Status of Innovation:
Pending regulatory approval.

Website:  www.fermiscan.com.au

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Social/Community Benefit Winner - INNOVIC's International Next Big Thing Award™ 2009
Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test™ Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test™ Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test™ Fermiscan Breast Cancer Test™