Product: Lockbox®

Category: ICT

Innovator: Peter Dettman, David Hook, Peter Long, David McLeod

Company: Lockbox Pty Ltd

Your secure online community giving Internet users the ability to securely share information with invited users. Using a "web of trust" built around public key cryptography: files are compressed, encrypted and signed on your computer prior to upload and can only be decrypted and downloaded by the invited recipient(s).
With web or standalone versions and a repository managing files in transit, your community is notified when a file arrives (uploaded) or downloaded. Lock-box has made online file sharing simply secure.

Unique Benefits:

  • Secure online community
  • Inexpensive and simple
  • Secure sharing and storage of information
  • Data is compressed and encrypted

Status of Innovation:
In production with web and stand alone versions.

Website:  www.lock-box.net

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