Product: Jambot

Category: Lifestyle

Innovator: Toby Gifford aka Dr. Offig

Company: Blue Prime

The Jambot is a musical robot that listens to music and jam along. It is computer software that can, for example, play along with a band, or improvise some beats to a record being played by a DJ.
Frequently musicians will use backing tracks or looping pedals to augment their sound, but these technologies are not responsive to what's happening on stage. The Jambot utilises new state-of-the-art music perception algorithms to 'listen' to the musicians and respond to the way the music changes.

Unique Benefits:

  • Can jam along to any audio signal
  • It improvises
  • 'Listens' and responds

Status of Innovation:
Final prototype in development.

Website:  www.offig.com

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