Intelligent Pastic Sensors
Intelligent plastic sensors
Intelligent plastic sensors
Intelligent plastic sensors
Dr Paul Brockwell
Dr Robert Holland
Intelligent plastic sensors
Intelligent plastic sensors

Product: Intelligent plastic sensors

Category: Technology

Innovator: Dr Paul Brockwell and Dr Robert Holland

Company: Intelligent Plastic Pty Ltd

Intelligent Plastic Sensors are accurate, low cost 'smart labels' that enable manufacturers to provide on pack, easy to read quality assurance. It shows, by colour change or appearing/disappearing text, how fresh or sound a product is, how much freshness has been lost, and how much freshness remains.

Unique Benefits:
Has a variety of uses including:

  • Food and beverage products – freshness monitoring
  • Health care product efficacy monitoring - vaccines, blood, pharmaceuticals
  • Human & animal physiology monitoring
  • Air and water quality - emissions monitoring
  • Residual life of filters, monitoring the concentration of sanitisers e.g. pool chlorination and hospital hygiene
  • Pollution control – toxic emissions monitoring
  • Electrical equipment – corrosion from exposure to moisture vapour
  • Agriculture – soil quality, plant nutrition, fermentation processing

Status of Innovation:
Proof of concept of the technology has been gained by independent assessment. The technology is on the leading edge of 'intelligent packaging' and has global relevance to tens of thousands of potential licensees.


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