Product: Biosol®

Innovator: Ross Chandler

Category: Environmental

Company: Advanced Environmental Technologies Pty Ltd

Biosol is a liquid that sends bacteria into hibernation in the sewage catchment and wakes them up at the treatment plant. This minimises sewage odour, corrosion, methane gas production and sewer blockages from fat, oil and grease in the sewer catchment. At the treatment plant Biosol accelerates microbial activity resulting in faster sewage process, decreased energy requirements, better quality effluents and fewer biosolids.

Unique Benefits:

  • Methane gas production in sewers reduced 70-95%
  • Controls microbial activity
  • Reduced corrosion to pipes
  • Two stage process
  • Increased infrastructure life

Status of Innovation:
5000 litres sold. Seeking commercialisation partners.


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Biosol® Biosol® Biosol® Biosol®