Aquatain AMF

Product: Aquatain AMF

Category: Environmental

Innovator: Graham Strachan

Company: Ultimate Agri-Products

Aquatain AMF is a silicone-based liquid which spreads instantly across the surface of a water body, forming a very thin film and blocking the mosquito lifecycle. It can play a major role in the fight against malaria, dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases. Unlike other conventional pesticides, it has a physical action rather than chemical action and is totally non-toxic.

Unique Benefits:

  • Physical rather than chemical process
  • Blocks mosquito lifecycle
  • Certified for application to drinking water bodies in US
  • No chemical resistance by mosquitos
  • Self spreading liquid – just pour in
  • Reduces evaporation

Status of Innovation:
Negotiating with several multinationals for worldwide distribution.


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