Product: Laddersmart

Category: Technology

Innovator: Barry Bodsworth

Laddersmart is a ladder safety device that assists in the prevention of falls by minimising backwards and sideways movement of ladders. It also prevents gutter damage caused by ladders leaning against them. Laddersmart eliminates the problem of having to climb an unsecured ladder then use ropes etc to tie it off.

Unique Benefits:

  • Hinge system secures ladder
  • Unique shape protects gutters from damage by transferring ladder pressure to the facia
  • Adjustable to suit variety of ladders
  • Made from non conductive heavy duty plastic
  • Light and compact for easy transportation
  • Compatible with most gutter types

Status of Innovation:

  • 1000 units sold since launch in 2007
  • Dealing with an American company who are developing an infomercial and are keen to market Laddersmart as an 'as seen on TV' product.
  • Negotiating with companies in England and Germany.