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Step 1 Read the Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure you comply with the eligibility criteria and can meet all the requirements if you are selected as a finalist.
Step 2 Complete the application form. It will form the basis for the judges' evaulation.
Step 3
Fill out the online payment form at the end of this application. The application fee is AU$45.00 (Australian dollars) and is necessary for your application to be considered.
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  • The AU$45.00 application fee is non-refundable. International applicants can check conversion rates at
  • Please use the and buttons provided to navigate through this application. Using your browser's 'Back' & 'Foward' history buttons could result in loss of information.
  • Should you be selected as a finalist, the information you provide could also be used in INNOVIC's promotional cataglogue, DVD, website and other promotional material.
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